Your experience at the Bootcamp will be driven not only by the content of the training but by the instructors and for that reason, the instructors have been selected to ensure you get the most out of your time spent in class and in the field.  When you leave, you will know your detector and can start putting what you learned to practice as soon as you get home.  The instructors at a specific Bootcamp session may vary depending on the individual availability but you can be sure whomever is at the date you select will have the knowledge and teaching skills to put you at the head of the pack when it comes to knowledge on how the E-Trac and CTX 3030 operates.  The instructors that are scheduled to be at specific Bootcamps will be listed for the specific date on the Schedule page. 



My name is Andy Sabisch and my interest in treasure hunting began when I received a basic metal detector as a gift in 1965 and has remained high over the years.  I’ve been fortunate enough to have traveled to virtually every corner of the world as part of my job as well as on personal trips and hunted for all types of lost and buried treasure.  Wreck diving along the East Coast, the Caribbean and the Mediterranean, prospecting for gold throughout the Western United States, Georgia and Alaska, detecting the old ghost towns in the United States, Canada, Mexico and eastern Europe; hunting for bottles in New England and the deep South; searching for military artifacts from wars dating back over 2,000 years; beach & coin hunting throughout the United States, Mexico, Europe and South America and attending 100’s of competition hunts & shows - treasure hunting has an truly become an integral part of my life!


When I first got started in the hobby, I was fortunate to have had many of the legendary treasure hunters at the time “take a shine” to me.  They provided me with their secrets so to speak which built the foundation for my current skill set and that is what I draw upon when I pen articles, books and conduct training.  During the past 30+ years I have published more than 3,000 articles in numerous magazines and newspapers around the world along with more than a dozen books on treasure hunting.  I have tried my hand at virtually every facet of the hobby and as a result, have acquired a wealth of knowledge that I welcome the opportunity to share with others who are interested in seeking lost treasures.  I have worked with many of the major manufacturers in the design and field testing of new detectors and have been one of the primary field test writers for Lost Treasure Magazine for more than 20 years.


Minelab's FBS detectors have raised the bar in terms of metal detection technology.  It has reopened sites that had been heavily hunted for decades and has allowed a staggering amount of treasure to be recovered from sites around the world.  With countless hours in a myriad of sites starting with the pre-production testing I performed for Minelab, I look forward to sharing some of the tips and techniques I've learned with you at one of the upcoming Bootcamps!


I am Clint Eigemann and I started treasure hunting with my twin brother Bill from the time that we were old enough to wander off by ourselves.  We started out searching for old bottles and that led to old relics being found and that really sparked the fever.


We eventually saved up enough money to buy our first metal detectors and never looked back upgrading machines once or twice a year.


I purchased my first Minelab detector when the E-Trac hit the market and then picked up the CTX 3030 when it was released.  It has been my workhorse ever since.


What makes this hobby the most enjoyable for me is the chance to unearth history that otherwise might have never been seen or held again and the friendships, experiences and wonderful memories that are created along the way.


I am looking forward to meeting you, hearing your stories and helping you in any way that I can.   


My name is Chuck Smalley and I live in Cordova, Illinois.  I have been married to Jill Marie for 45 years this December.  I retired from 3M in 2008 after 37 years.  I started treasure hunting in 1971 and my first detector was a Whites Coinmaster 4.  I have sold metal detectors, mining supplies and firearms for more than 35 years.  I am a multiline dealer and a Minelab Certified Instructor that has worked for Minelab instructing dealers on F.B.S. and other units.  I look forward to meeting each of you at one of the Bootcamps and sharing some of my knowledge with you.


My name is Sal Guttuso and I’ve been treasure hunting for as long as I can remember.  I received my first metal detector as a Christmas present in the early 80s.  Since then I have metal detected and treasure hunted on land and under water all over the US and England.  I have used and sold almost every brand of detector available.  I only sell machines that I believe are good tools for the job and I can tell  you that the E-Trac and CTX 3030 from Minelab are very effective tools for the job of successful detecting.  Here is a bit more information on my relevant experiences:

Serious Relic / Treasure Hunting Experience – 15 years, Open Water Certified Scuba Diver, Historical Archaeology Coursework Completed – Louisiana State University – 1 Semester = 4.0 GPA Non-Matriculating, Extensive Historical Archaeology Field Work Volunteering, Metal Detector Expert – Sold and Trained on all of the major brands of metal detectors for more than 10 years. Owner and Operator of  Research and Land Acquisition – Successfully researched and secured treasure hunting leases on well over 5000 acres of different historic lands in the US and close to 10,000 in the UK.  Proven as a professional relic / treasure hunting guide – owner and operator of History Hunts, LLC.  Over 10 years of video blogging my personal treasure hunting adventures – many of which can be seen on YouTube where my channel has close to 2,000 subs with over 1,000,000 video views.  I am a Licensed Auctioneer in the state of Virginia, owning and operating an auction house that specializes on the sale of rare collectibles such as artifacts, relics and guns: .

 I have had great success with the Minelab FBS detectors in both relic hunting in the US and ancient coin hunting in the UK.  I am very eager to share my knowledge and experiences with all of you at the upcoming boot camp session!


TODD YERKS (a.k.a. CTTodd)

My name is Todd Yerks and I first got into this great hobby with a Fathers Day gift from my wife about 17 years ago and have never looked back.  My primary focus has always been searching for and finding coins and relics from the Colonists that settled in the Northeast.  I have found that doing solid research to locate sites and knowing my detectors inside and out have been the keys to my success.  I am looking forward to sharing some of the techniques I have perfected over the years so that you can get the most out of your equipment.


Hello my name is Gary E. Killmer Jr. from Dutchess County, New York.

I have been detecting since I was about eight years old and I am almost forty now. I started detecting with my father using a Fisher 1210-X that we purchased from our local dive and detector shop owned by Gary Storm who owns Detectorpro. In my teenage years I worked for Gary assembling some of the early the Minelab Excalibur's and his Gray Ghost headphones. During that time I started using the Minelab Sovereign with great success. After years of using that I upgraded to the Explorer, and then the E-Trac. For close to four years now I have been using the Minelab CTX-3030. During this time I have made many great discoveries with it at virgin sites and at sites that have been detected for many years.

Hopefully, I will be able to share some of my experience with everyone to help make the CTX-3030 successful at your sites too.