We truly enjoy conducting these Bootcamps and sharing our passion for the hobby and the first-rate equipment that Minelab has produced for the past 25+ years.  As we mention at each Bootcamp, we learn something at each one ourselves and enjoy meeting other hobbyists that have the same passion as we do . . . this is truly one of the best parts of the hobby.  Making great finds are always a plus and when attendees leave, they have the confidence and expertise to start making great finds in short order.  The quotes provided below are from attendees of past Bootcamps and are a testament to what they received from attending and what you can if you are able to make one of the future sesisons . . . we would love to have the opportunity to meet you and see what you recover once you return home.

We use Survey Monkey to collect feedback from attendees and it allows us to compile feedback from previous sessions into a form that helps us continually improve on the format.  As far as overall satisfaction, this is the indicator that we wanted to profile . . . it has remained at 100% since we started!

Here are just a few of the comments that we receive following the Bootcamp . . . 

"I was very surprised, being a local, at the crotal bells and mercury dime that were found in that little area that I know has been detected 1000s of times."

"I definitely liked the chance to get out and try what we learned in class. I got to see the difference between the settings as I was accustomed to using vs the ones we learned in class. For example I experimented with the difference between "Normal" and "Pitch Hold"; I never used the Pitch Hold setting before this. Also I experimented with the sensitivity and paid more attention to the sensitivity numbers, and played with the threshold and volume settings. At first the detector seemed to be working oddly, but later we found my detector was interacting with one of the other classmate's detector when we both were using wireless. This was a great way to try some of what we just learned in class that was still fresh on our minds.

"I liked Andy's method of presenting the material. He allowed as much interaction from the group as possible while still covering the material. I especially liked how he drilled through some preconceived ideas (that were wrong) some of us had about the operation of the 3030, and helped us better understand our instrument. I liked hearing the experiences, problems, and peculiarities other attendees had with the 3030 during their metal detecting hunts. I also liked hearing new ideas (new to me) concerning protecting the instrument. So well done to Andy and Charlene! Thanks for a great class!!"

" There was plenty of room for everyone to detect without getting in each others way. Liked how there were prizes for finding the tokens. "

"I like how you were right in the field working with each individual to put into practice what we learned in class "

"Everything was perfect. Andy keep us on schedule and had time to fully explain ever function of the detectors. The break every hour works out great. "

"No everything was perfect. I purchased the 6x8 coil that Andy recommended for my Etrac and tried it out today with Andy's coin program. I was able to pull over 25 coins from a park I have detected before. Can't wait to get out again with this coil and hit my other spots to find the coins I have been missing - Thanks Andy and Charlene, you guys rock! "

"They are Masters in their field, and it shows. They really do shine! "

This comment is worth sharing . . . it comes from Clint Eigemann who attended the Woodhaven, MI Bootcamp . . . we appreciate the feedback and are glad that you saw improved finds putting the content into action.

I attended the The Minelab FBS Bootcamp hosted by Andy Sabisch yesterday and it was awesome! I strongly encourage anyone just starting out with a Etrac or CTX 3030 to attend an upcoming Camp.

Even if you have been using these machines and want to learn more about how you can maximize your detectors performance to get that extra depth to be able to squeak out that deep silver coin that before was just out of reach this Bootcamp will give you the knowledge to do just that.

Want to gain that edge on the rest? Want to learn why your detector reacts certain ways in different situations and how to properly adjust and change your settings to maximize your machines capabilities and improve your hunting success? This Bootcamp will help you do that too.

In depth classroom lecture will help you to understand what your machine is telling you and how to adjust your settings to get the most out of your detector. Andy will teach you the pro's and cons on each setting and pattern and will even load his own personal settings to help you get the most optimal performance out of your machine.

In field training will help you test these new settings and hunting techniques and Andy will be right there to correct you with any bad habits or to help with any questions that you might have with your new settings. He will also help you speed up your recovery time by showing you proper recovery techniques.

I have only touched on some of the things you will learn in the Bootcamp there is so much more for you to benefit from.
We all love this hobby and we have spent a lot of money on these machines so you owe it to yourselves to attend the bootcamp and learn how to get the most bang for your buck and maximize your detectors capabilities.

We were all provided with a wonderful lunch and the day was topped off with some awesome prizes! I can't say thank you enough to Andy and Charlene Sabisch for hosting such a great event, THANK YOU BOTH!